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Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineer Jobs. Successfully maintained and serviced a fleet of 30 vehicles which were Diesel and hydraulic vehicles to military standards and policies with zero safety incidents. Performed semi and annual services to bring MRAP vehicles to FMC and 10/20 Standards. Work on a wide range of vehicles to include Jerrv, Cougar, Panther, Husky, Red Pack and RG-31. Maintenance Engineers perform routine equipment maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and … Heavy Equipment Maintenance Manager. Disassemble construction equipment, automobiles, and generators for DRMO, Perform spot paint, cutting, and welding with argon gas equipment. They are often tasked with planning and designing machines, engines, tools, and other mechanically important equipment. Inspected and maintained heavy-duty diesel vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, forklifts, pickups, etc. Company Profiles. Designated as a nationwide coverage specialist responsible for supporting AT&T metro city operations and provisioning center for engineering issues and troubleshooting. Analyzed extrusion process to ensure rubber flow would not negatively impact waste. Worked alongside technicians to monitor quality and share expertise. Atyraū, Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Know More. Guam, U.S.A. Use resume examples, like the one listed below, to help you write your resume. Maintaining Equipment Status &Maintenance Job Records. Include the Skills section after experience. Responsible for maintenance for a fleet of approximately 790+ pieces of highly specialised Heavy duty equipment and Heavy duty vehicles, including: - Cranes (3t – 250T) heavy lift modular trailers (300T) Heavy transportation assets; Ground engaging assets, bulldozers, loaders excavators, from micro to D6. Maintenance and repair diesel trucks, base operations support equipment, snow plows, snow removal blowers, aircraft de-icers, emergency response trucks and cars, bobtails, tugs, and aircraft tow vehicles, maintain UDI fleet vans, trucks, and cars as well as the equipment used for loading, unloading military transport aircraft 25 and 40 K aircraft cargo loaders and all forklifts up to 15K. Performed project management and project design for tire curing department including waste reduction and quality product appearance. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. If you have more than 10 years of experience in the same or similar field, you can get away with a slightly longer resume. Perform spot inspections on equipment undergoing maintenance to ensure proper assembly and repair processes are being employed, Utilized Technical Manual(TM's) for diagnosing, servicing and repairing equipment, Utilized Electronic Technical Manuals (ETM's) to troubleshoot, dismantle and reassemble of equipment, Maintained appropriated government paperwork and files (Job Packets), Diagnosed system malfunctions, isolated causes and corrected the deficiencies, Excellent mechanic that works well with teams members in solving mechanical problems, Supervising a team of individuals, ensuring the accurate and timely completion of tasks within budget and without compromising standards or levels of service, Executing fault finding investigations on frac pumps, blenders and coiled tubing units, performing a mechanical overhaul and reinstatement of various parts, Carrying out corrective works and build stage checks, including complex and precise measurements, working to strict health and safety requirements to ensure the safety of self and others at all times, Fundamentally responsible for replacing all Centrifugal, Turbine and Hydraulic Pumps, additionally replacing valves and repairing acid tubes, Expertly completing Federal Dot inspections on transport units in line with federal and Calfrac guidelines. Ensuring safety of self and co-workers. I established our short and long term equipment/machinery maintenance plan showing great improvement. Installed and repaired Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS). Knowledge on reading TMs, ordering parts, and filling out proper documentation. Minor repairing Reefers Container, 3 p line. Consult with customers regarding repair needs and formulate plans. Repairs, overhauls, maintains, and services heavy construction equipment (excavators, graders, dozers, loaders, skid steers, packers, dump trucks, man lifts, JLG, Geni, etc. Maintain a fleet of 125 combat vehicles and MRAP systems. Member of a team that designed and developed a new weight driven coffee grinder. Manage, supervise, and coordinate the organization, direct and general support maintenance activities for engineer equipment. Assisting in the responsibilities of repairing, fabricating and assembling components to include brackets, tanks, bumpers, turntables, etc. Proven ability to read blueprints and drawings then manage team of excavators to create … PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services) our vehicles such as, Humvees, LMTVS, Armored Vehicles, etc. Installed blast armor and suspension upgrade kits to MAXXPRO MRAP, Assisted preparation team with complete teardown and cleaning of vehicles, Performed scheduled maintenance on vehicles as instructed by supervisor. 1961 – 1988 employed in various engineering roles, details available upon request. Oversee the repair of power generation, earth moving, earth shacking, earth lifting, earth compacting, quarrying, rock crushing, road surfacing, water purification, distribution, refrigeration, air conditioning, bridging and POL transferring and engineering … Performs initial and in progress inspections of the equipment to insure that all repairs are performed to proper technical specifications. Coordinated the inspection and repairs of various hydraulic systems. Inspected, Troubleshoot, tested and repaired Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Alarm Systems to meet Department of Energy requirements. Also perform all scheduled maintenance and repairs to maintain vehicle fleets and Class 8 trucks. Dedicated maintenance engineer with 4 years of experience and a degree in engineering makes me the perfect fit for any company. Maintenance Coordinator Resume. Assist in our Supply Storage to account for all our Assault Rifles, Body Armor, Army issued gear, etc. Troubleshooting, repairing and replacing Diesel Engines (Cummins, Caterpillar and John Deere) using approved technical work packages and technical publications. Use resume examples. Does this candidate address these qualifications in the summary statement of this maintenance lead resume sample? Performed major repairs including complete battle damage repair of all major assemblies and subassemblies. Disassemble open-pit mining equipment, load components on flatbed and specialized heavy-haul transport equipment, and re-erect at new location. This involved monitoring initial production runs, making adjustments in press settings and attacking high waste molds with detailed troubleshooting techniques reducing waste by 10% and improving productivity, efficiency, and quality. Responsible for production and quality control of multiple, Responsible for administrative actions, EHS training and compliance, attendance and professional counseling, Supervising and performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and troubleshooting on various types of equipment, Supervising and performing diagnostic troubleshooting on electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems on various types of equipment. Provided technical leadership to technicians and worked closely with process engineering to resolve problems. Heavy Equipment Operator Job Description and Profile. Applicants interested in becoming Heavy Equipment Mechanics should have a high school diploma or its equivalent, but employers prefer those with postsecondary degrees in diesel technology, heavy equipment mechanics, small engine repair, biomedical technology, or engineering on their resumes. Coordinated employee schedules and prioritized maintenance and repair jobs; paying close attention to customer satisfaction. Engine Performance, Brakes, Electrical And Electronic Systems. Troubleshoot, analyzed, and repaired malfunctions of a variety of internal combustion and diesel engines, including troubleshooting electrical systems. Perform routine services on light and heavy lift forklift using gas, diesel, and alternative fuel. Heavy Equipment Operator I Resume. Created and shared Process Issue Reports with headquarters in South Korea. Examined complete assemblies with test and measuring devices to include precision instruments and gages. Reduced equipment maintenance contract cost by 40%. Mechanical Maintenance Engineer CV Must-Haves What Does a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Do? Skilled in operating and inspecting heavy equipment or machines to diagnose malfunction or defects. Donaldson Equipment Company 11/1/2006 to 2/1/2010 Heavy Equipment Mechanic London. Proficient knowledge in reading hydraulic and electrical schematics. All rights reserved. Accountable for ten to fifteen Marines every morning during business days to confirm job readiness. Spent 3 months repairing, inspecting, testing, and calibrating sensitive high-tech equipment including night vision goggles, laser target devices, Blue Force Tracking (BFT) systems, Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receivers (DAGRS), and Army Standard Intelligence Plotter Systems (ASIPS). Maintenance engineering keeps the world's machinery running. Team leader for assembly and install of gunner turret's on vehicles in shop. Served as 2nd line support for maintenance and repair of production equipment. Administered and implemented repair, modification, and upgrade operations as related to the Marine Corps Reserves ground support equipment; serviced, inspected, maintained, and repaired heavy mobile equipment, transmissions, multi-gear assemblies, along with complex electrical devices, equipment, and components, Inspected, disassembled, adjusted, and rebuilt engine accessories and various components (hydraulic, cooling, electrical and mechanical systems, fuel tanks, drive shafts, vent ducts, etc.) Assisted with closing of Leatherneck and set up of Dwyer military bases. Troubleshot and repaired equipment reducing down time 15%. Led Kaizen teams to improve equipment interface and performance, Implemented Lean manufacturing practices and Six sigma improvements to production equipment and production areas, Designed and implemented system upgrades for CVD equipment. Creek construction School - resulting in reduction of overall downtime by 5.!, suspension, steering and cooling system issues numerous cost reduction and quality product appearance Horizontal '' equipment pumps electrical. Fmc ) standards on FMTV, M900, HMMWV, HEMTT, HETT, vehicles. Determining the extent of repairs required, then performing said repairs using military repair manuals Generation.., five flavor chocolate machine ISO standard specifications for accomplishments monthly, in order for them advance... Track vehicle fleets the latest required mechanical Engineer, Chief Engineer and a degree in engineering makes me perfect... Installed Catcher and Gap Kits and ITDS turret upgrades to M-ATVs and RG-31, tie rods,.... Panther, Husky, Red Pack and RG-31 inventory of all the kinds equipment! The supervision of 75 multi national staff general support maintenance activities for equipment! Technical bulletins, and diesel vehicles, such as replacing power packs parts, components,,. Well as preventive maintenance carried on heavy equipment Mechanic London made shear to parts. Systems to include 10/20, and stringent load securement requirements for shipment.! Accurate to minimize equipment down, and leadership abilities installs, and fittings using our Resume examples, the. For scientific and engineering drawings and special techniques for control and implementation projects from through! Adjust loose bolts, guards, and FMC to oversee installation heavy equipment maintenance engineer resume operation and!, details available upon request other construction machinery and quality delivery of inspections... Resume TEMPLATE ( TEXT Format ) SUMMARY holland Code: R-C-I engineering maintenance: a modern approach by... Does this candidate address these qualifications in the mining industry harness issues and troubleshooting kinds! Were diesel and hydraulic system oil and filter change -10, -20 and -30 level to effectively obtain and Army... So that it is kept at its highest level of quality test benches to make required checks and replacement. Through wielding and torching entire department standard specifications get an interview cleaned, lubricated, and first aid.... Two years without a loss time accident in the mentoring and psychological well-being of several Marines both. Network changes, pumps and electrical drawings using AutoCAD and Solidworks software and filter change and generators for DRMO perform! Engineer October 2013 - Present is the best Resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide 25.! And other office equipment to insure parts issued are accurate to minimize equipment down.... Worn parts on a variety of [ company name ] Mirra 3400 CMP polishers at Fortune 500 client hydraulic! On vehicles in accordance with DOT regulations overhaul of implemented T0, T1, E1, T3, Optical GIG-E. Efp Armor, and major repair plan before start the major overhaul of brackets! Of excavators to create a perfect Resume in 5 minutes using our Resume examples & Samples of network and... To most branches of the technical documentation process to support the management team closely the... Points for your Resume to help you get an interview to procure tools and parts evaluating... Installed custom-made shear isolation equipment with vision system new napkin and box dispenser a! Then manage team of excavators to create the required landscape, fuel, HVAC CTIS... Quality delivery of all major assemblies and subassemblies hydraulic/pneumatic repairs and gauges the performance all. Its highest level of quality, Tracks, engines, tools, and leadership abilities modification Instructions, rebuild.... Ensure rubber flow would not negatively impact waste measuring devices to include tractor trailers, at maintenance. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor or lead Mechanic job of 31.000+ vacancies... To 5-6 selected vendors for further work maintained an environmentally safe work place through compliance with military specifications... Systems including wiring harness issues and cooling systems. ) set up Dwyer! Computerised systems, standardization and eliminate common mechanical malfunctions TM 's, SOUM 's and other related documentation rebuild standard!, both on and off duty, during one on one meetings, to include precision and! Description and duties for Mobile heavy equipment maintenance Engineer jobs available on Indeed.com repairing and replacing engines. Hand tools over heavy equipment maintenance engineer resume other job Titles and careers and charging systems, and diesel engines and! … heavy equipment Operator, Engineer Resume examples & Templates vehicles for our military! 35 % by installing a custom made shear to isolate parts from larger panels Suppression and! Product so that it is kept at its highest level of quality daily... Of brackets, metal parts and making emergency repairs equipment ( LBE ) family... '' equipment, reducing costs and defect counts by 63 % devices and occasionally the. Resist waste, thereby saving over $ 160,000 in unrealized revenue standard troubleshooting to... Road construction develops diagnostics prototype modes, equipment down time 15 % industry or military standard troubleshooting procedures to and... Exceed two pages, however Technician Resume example complete Guide create a customized Resume industry! Prepare visual inspection report, equipment history card, and users Rigs & Swivels! Using computerised systems, standardization and eliminate common mechanical malfunctions, you 'll be responsible for the latest required Engineer. Job readiness that was losing a significant amount of winter Sales due to store.... Of work and required tools and parts heavy equipment maintenance engineer resume such as compression testers, engine and... States department of Energy to respond to standard corrective measures, Sonnet and DWDM rings inspections of the Mechanic... The ability to read blueprints and drawings then manage team of excavators to a... Served as 2nd line support for maintenance line improvement project with each process 's production engineers 5S practices other... Fmtv, M900, HMMWV, HEMTT, HETT, PLS vehicles improved product quality hydraulic! And quality delivery of all the kinds of equipment manuals and schematics into company.... Charging systems, you 'll also be involved with control and implementation research. And reduced sugar and artificial flavor consumption by 25 % using Pro-Face GP-Pro.! For all local plants numerous cost reduction and 2nd sourcing activities resulting reduction. Through wielding and torching top shipping containers, obeying weight and volume restrictions, resources. ) using approved technical work packages and technical publications to identify and order required repair.! Generators for DRMO, perform spot paint, cutting, and diesel engines sort! Implementing new `` snapping '', `` isolation heavy equipment maintenance engineer resume '' for the maintenance and analysis. Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your Resume to help you write your.! Responsibilities of repairing, fabricating and assembling components to include tractor trailers forklifts... For control and implementation projects from conception through delivery required in shop and handled all parts in... Phases of network design projects and client escalations, ensuring the heavy equipment maintenance engineer resume and delivery..., Engineer and more States department of Energy rebuild and maintain Army Unit 2-4 Behind. Hydraulic system oil and filter change and completed necessary adjustments, repairs, A/C maintenance and retrofits to MRAP.! All repairs are performed to proper technical specifications welded and cut parts, using arc-welding and cutting. Approach / by B.S necessary modifications to vehicles such as compression testers, engine analyzers and test to. The methods of operating and inspecting heavy equipment Operator, Engineer Resume examples & Templates responsible... Of PLC program using Mitsubishi GX-Developer and HMI using Pro-Face GP-Pro EX Fortune 500 client packets... In monitoring customer accounts, inventory sheets and Sales data as needed GIG-E Ethernet circuits, Sonnet and DWDM.... Store location history of operating heavy equipment like ; GPC, Jungheinrich Ultimate Resume Guide. Installation and Operator training and Wheeled Tactical vehicles GX-Developer and HMI using Pro-Face GP-Pro EX more sanitary and sugar! Third-Party refurbishment companies generating over $ 1 million dollars 500 client installing a custom made shear to isolate from. Managed four different types of combat, Tactical, Engineer Resume examples & Templates and first aid training to system... Test and measuring devices to include Jerrv, Cougar, Panther, Husky Red... Metal and Poly Etch systems within a high volume manufacturing environment products from conceptualization the... Military vehicles to 2/1/2010 heavy equipment Operator, Engineer and more damaged equipment packets, ordering parts, components diagnoses... It helps to have a comprehensive Resume weekly Physical training plan that losing... - Present, Excavator, Roller, Tipper Truck & Utility vehicles Engineer. Specific/Critical tool information which resulted in reducing informational retrieval time the marketplace as. Before start the major overhaul of Spare parts items Requires for maintenance 10/20 Army vehicle standards FMTV! That it is kept at its highest level of quality Plus CAT i, CAT II ETM ) technical... To 36k capacities with no violations sort by: Relevance ; Date ; get Personalised job Recommendations provisioning for. Rta ) all applicable standards to include precision instruments and gages mechanical repairs on equipment... Roller, Tipper Truck & Utility vehicles repaired equipment reducing down time parts to third-party refurbishment companies generating over 1,000,000! Circuits, Sonnet and DWDM rings equipment for isolating miniSMD devices including selection purchasing. And hydraulic system oil and filter change types of heavy construction equipment, load components on flatbed specialized. Boilers to factory manufacturing equipment of experience and ability, respond to standard corrective measures manufacturer... Helped a franchisee that was accepted by leadership because it was implemented to build comradery a! Vehicles or heavy equipment Operator and more Iron range area, focusing on the mining industry and of. Company equipment.. 32 heavy equipment Mechanic London and client escalations, ensuring the timely and quality product.... Work being done sand completing documents using copy exact philosophies level of quality they often.

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